We are again using Zone4 for our registration process. Get on board here for the 2020/21 Season!

Early Bird registration rates in effect until October 15, 2020.
(As of October 16, “Angry Bird” rates take effect … 40% program fee increase). 

In these crazy times, early registration helps us determine number of coaches and plan for Covid measures accordingly.  Programs are Coach Dependent and subject to caps. Priority will go to earliest registrants. Please see program information below.

Sunday only Beginner and Intermediate Programs

Start January 3, 2021 to end of March.

  • Suitable for younger skiers and for those skiers that want to only do one day of structured programming per week.
  • Minimum skiing requirements – can stop on their own, put on their own equipment and able to get up on own power after crashing. Athletes should have a strong snowplow almost ready to start parallel.
  • Mandatory Rookie Day January 2, 2021 for those new to WSC to evaluate ability and group placement. Unfortunately the Alberta Alpine insurance can’t be refunded if the child doesn’t pass Rookie Day.
  • Covid considerations –
    • Day lodge use will be at parents discretion and must be supervised by parents.
    • We are changing our cold weather cut-off to -21 Celsius for Nancy Greene programming.
    • A Covid policy is in development.
    • All members must agree to follow this and waive WSC Directors and employees of Covid related liability.
  • Children that require adult supervision while riding may require parents to shadow the groups and ride with their children. We are thinking this will only be for U6 groups.
  • No programming Family day weekend (Sunday, February 14).
  • Some Saturdays may be offered during the U14 race and Terrain Event weekend or for cold weather makeup days.
  • Kids are expected to ski early season weekends, Saturdays and days over Christmas with family to increase days on snow.

Competitive Programs, Multiple days per week

Starts with early season training at Pass Powderkeg (TBD – November?).  As Castle opens, this progresses to Friday nights at PPK and Saturday & Sunday at Castle.  We also plan to have training over the Christmas break.  

  • This is for athletes U10 and above although we will consider strong U8’s that have outgrown the single day program in terms of their skill level.
  • Suitable for skiers that have done two years of previous WSC programming or similar ski experience
  • Number of races to attend is up to individual athlete, U10 1-2 away races, U12 2-3 away races, U14 3-5 races. Having said that, we will see what form racing takes this season!
  • Race expenses are extra, coach expenses at away races are shared by parents whose children attend.
  • This program is geared for those looking for best skill development, future coaching goals or to work in skiing related occupations.  Athletes should be interested in competitions, not necessarily have national team aspirations.
  • Most training days aren’t mandatory, we fully expect kids to miss a few days throughout the season to ski with friends and family or fulfill other sport obligations.