Date: Thursday, December 13

Official Volunteer Levels

  • Level One Volunteer Official

    Level One is a basic course prepared for race volunteers with little or no experience as alpine race officials. The goal is simple: To inform you about alpine ski racing.

    In level one you will learn:

    • The different types of race events
    • How they are organized
    • The required personnel to run a race
    • The roles and duties of those involved

    You will also:

    • Receive information on timing
    • Learn the responsibilities of the Gate Judge
    • See examples illustrating diverse situations

    The main objective is to allow all Level One Officials to better understand the fundamental aspects of alpine ski racing. All sports are regulated by a set of rules, and alpine skiing is no exception. However, during this course, only the necessary rules of this level will be presented and in an informal manner.

  • Level Two Volunteer Official

    The Level Two course is a detailed introduction to alpine ski racing and the roles and duties of various Officials positions. It is a fairly intensive course that does not repeat the material covered in Level One and requires some prior knowledge and experience. It takes 8 hours and includes a one-hour exam. On completion of the Level Two course, participants assume leadership positions within races, such as Chief of Course, Start Referee or Chief of Administration.

  • Level Three Volunteer Official

    The Level Three course is interactive and with an emphasis on discussion and exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences by the participants and instructors. The course is designed for Officials with considerable practical experience. It covers:

    • Rules to particular disciplines
    • The work and duties of the Jury and Technical Delegate
    • The duties of senior Officials, course preparation, maintenance and setting
    • Calculations of points and penalties

    Throughout the course, participants take part in many case studies taken from actual experiences and will be asked to make decisions on these as well as participating in Jury decisions. It takes 12 hours and includes a two-hour open book exam.

  • Level Four Volunteer Official

    In order to become a Level Four Official, it is necessary to be recommended to the National Officials Committee by the PSO (Provincial Sports Organization) Officials Chair. Level Four Officials are the most experienced Officials, having demonstrated a superior level of ability.

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