Date: Thursday, December 13


Volunteer Information

Westcastle Ski Club works hard to reduce the cost for participation in our programs. This means we need volunteers to assist in organizing and/or performing specific duties that help make each activity a success. Volunteer tasks can involve just a few hours, maybe a full day, or in certain leadership roles you might be responsible for several hours over a period of several days. Without your help we wouldn't be where we are today!

Volunteer Roles

All of the races hosted by ski clubs across Alberta are put on by parent volunteers. That means if you have a child who is in our ski club, you will be expected to help out in some capacity.

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Race Events

WSC events include the internal Westcastle Ski Club Race, Alberta Alpine Sanctioned U14 Series Race, King of the Castle Ski Race, and the Westcastle Ski Club Terrain Event.

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Become An Official

Given the requirement of parents to help organize WSC races, all parents are encouraged to complete their Level One Officials Course.

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