Date: Thursday, December 13

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In-House Club Race

February 26, 2017

In-House Club Race

January 29, 2017

WSC Terrain Event

February 28, 2016

The Westcastle Terrain Event has set the standard for Nancy Greene Ski Races in Alberta. Approximately 250 young athletes from across southern Alberta competed in six different events through the day.

Westcastle Ski Club In-House Race

January 31, 2016

Our own WSC athletes had a great day on the hill racing.

Westcastle April Events & Athletes

April 2015

Westcastle March Events & Athletes

March 2015

Coach Dave and three athletes from WSC attended the U14 Speed/SX camp at Nakiska

February 7-8 2015

The goal of the camp was to provide high volume speed training for the U14 athlete in the safest environment and at a low cost. The format for this season was to allow the athletes to test their skills in a variety of environments controlled by Alberta Alpine staff and the help of a few very valuable volunteers. The environments varied slightly each day to allow the athletes to build their confidence and progress at their own pace.

We touched on all aspects of speed throughout the 3 days of training, from starts to skating skills, Super G turns on steep and easier terrain, SG turns with built in terrain, a gliding track, and the highlight of the week for most athletes - the famous jump where we saw the athletes gaining confidence (and distance...) on each run. We also had the chance to ski the SX track for a couple of days. The Nakiska track is an easy but technical track that allowed the athletes to test their skills individually at the beginning, but they soon moved into a 'cat and mouse' environment where we saw the competitive edge come out."

Westcastle In house Club Race

January 2015

The club race was held on SideWinder. It was a best of two runs contest!